Company Overview

Cottonwood Community Alternatives, Inc. is a private, non-profit agency established to provide a broad spectrum of services to Colorado Citizen’s with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.  

Our mission at Cottonwood is to provide a variety of community based supports and services to these individuals, empowering them to live as independently and productively as possible while promoting individual choice, dignity, and quality of life. We encourage participation of family and friends in maintaining regular involvement in lives of the individuals we serve. 

What is a Developmental Disability?

A person with a Developmental Disability has one or more lifelong conditions which occur before the age of 22. These may include cerebral palsy, autism, seizure disorders, vision or hearing impairments, mobility impairments, speech or communication disorders, mental illnesses, or behavioral needs.  An individual with a developmental disability experiences impairment of intellectual function or adaptive behaviors like communication, social skills and self-care.

Our Philosophy

This is well stated in our motto of “People Serving People". Our philosophy at Cottonwood is that each of the individuals receiving services from our agency is a valuable person, deserving of respect and consideration by our employees and people in the community. We believe that people with disabilities should have the opportunity to live, work, and socialize in the same type of places other people of similar age and interest do.  We encourage implementing unique, person-driven options in all of our settings.

Our Goal

Our goal at Cottonwood is to provide the individuals we serve with the support and training needed to live, work, and recreate in their community as independently as possible. All individuals should be as involved as possible in all aspects of daily living in order to gain independence and retain choice, dignity, and control in their life.

Welcome to Cottonwood Community Alternatives, Inc.

People Serving People

 Our purpose is to support, assist, and teach the individuals we serve to achieve the highest level of dignity and personal independence possible.  

We encourage participation of family and friends in the planning process, as well as maintaining regular involvement in individual's lives.

It is this philosophy, that each individual is of equal value, that drives the services and support provided by Cottonwood Community Alternatives, Inc.



Cottonwood Community Alternatives, Inc. ~ P.O. Box 946, Englewood, Colorado 80151-0946 ~  PHONE: 303.761-6487